What do Swedish Fish, polar bears, and beer have in common? They all provide some seriously cool jobs that you’ll only find in Canada.

Montreal Bagel Maker

If you ever get the chance to visit a Montreal bagel shop, it is worth going! You’ll see skilled bagel makers place long planks lined with dough into a wood-fired oven, and just a short while later, you’ll have a row of delicious Montreal bagels.

RCMP Officer

To be an officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada’s national and federal police force, you don’t have to be royal, but you definitely need to be Canadian.

Polar Bear Cop

In Churchill, Manitoba, it’s not the people causing problems—it’s the polar bears! In early winter, the bears outnumber the residents, and a special task force was created to keep people safe from the bears roaming around town.

Stanley Cup Handler

Truly one of Canada’s pride and joys, the Stanley Cup clearly deserves its own entourage. A few lucky Hockey Hall of Fame employees are trusted with taking care of the Cup, which includes going on tour with it and sitting with it before it gets handed off at the playoffs.

Maple Syrup Coordinator

With 76% of the world’s maple syrup coming from Canada, this sweet business creates some uniquely Canadian jobs. Take Maple Syrup Coordinators, for example—it’s up to them to oversee the entire production of the syrup, from tapping the tree to bottling.

Swedish Fish Maker

Everyone knows that fishing is a major Canadian industry, but did you know that another kind of fish provides jobs here too? The world’s entire supply of Swedish Fish, the tasty gummy candies, are made in Hamilton, Ontario.

Beer Ombudsman

What’s better than drinking beer? Getting paid to drink beer! It’s not all fun and games though. The Beer Ombudsman is responsible for navigating the complex alcohol laws in Ontario.

Curator of the Tim Hortons Museum

Canadians take their Tim Hortons coffee very seriously, so it’s not surprising that the franchise has its own museum, which displays old uniforms, memorabilia, and discontinued items. The curator of the museum is a longtime Tim Hortons employee.

Poutine Chef

This delicious dish is a Canadian classic. Sure, anybody can pour gravy and cheese curds over fries, but only a poutine chef knows how to do it just right.

Sam Bat Makers

Baseball fans may want to move to Carleton Place, Ontario to try their hand at bat making. It’s home to The Original Maple Bat Corporation, which makes bats from maple wood, rather than the commonly used ash wood.

Whistler Ski Instructor

If you love to ski, this is the job for you! Whistler-Blackcomb has one of the longest ski seasons on the continent, so a position as a ski instructor at the famous resort will keep you happily employed for at least seven months of the year.

Member of the EdgeWalk Team

How would you like to guide visitors through a hands-free walk around a five-foot (1.5-meter) ledge, 116 stories off the ground? That’s exactly what the EdgeWalk team gets to do at Toronto’s CN Tower.

By: theculturetrip.com

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