lioness roaring the lion
He might be the King of the Jungle, but a lion was left in no doubt as to who’s boss after getting an earful from a furious lioness.

The rare moment, which was captured on camera, shows the angry lioness roaring into the face of the lion as he hilariously cowers away and covers his face with his paw.

The fierce lovers’ tiff took place in the Central Serengeti, Tanzania and was spotted by wildlife photographer, George Hart, during his first ever African safari.

The lioness gave as good as the she got after initially being roared at, leaving the male lion in no doubt who was the boss
According to wildlife photographer George Hart the pair were definitely ‘having a go at each other’ and the argument appears to have begun with the lion roaring
The male lion then hilariously cowered behind his paw after the ticking off from the lioness
After the row, the male appears to get the silent treatment from the lioness. The pair had just finished mating when the argument began
Photographer George Hart says the images resonate with humans, who can relate them to their own domestic quarrels

The 58-year-old from Toronto, Canada, said: ‘They were definitely having a go at each other.

‘She was clearly responding to him. Whether that was in anger or in passion is the question.

‘They were a mating pair and had just finished mating as we pulled up to get some shots.

‘I do recall feeling pretty pleased to catch the male roaring and was just about to put my camera down when the female responded.

‘I was very fortunate to catch that last frame.

‘The images never cease to get a laugh, they’re so easily anthropomorphized and immediately resonate with whoever I’ve shown them to.’

Source: dailymail

By Michael