Amsterdam is one of the largest old town centers in Europe, the official capital of the Netherlands, located on the banks of the IJ bay and the Amstel River, born in the 12th century from a small fishing village on the banks of the Amstel River. This place is famous for its colorful houses, ancient bridges, and interlaced canal system with classic European-style architecture extremely delicate and eye-catching. Amsterdam is one of the most romantic cities on the planet that you should visit once in your life. Let’s explore this beautiful land with the system of cheap air tickets.

It is difficult for words to describe the poetic beauty of the capital of the Netherlands. Only on the trip will you truly feel the magic of nature, the peaceful and tranquil scenery, the beauty of nature. It is rarely intertwined with each other, creating a very different feeling between the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam’s modern life. Every little corner exudes splendor, beauty hidden in the shape of ancient buildings, works covered with time stamps and dim lights in alleys, worn bricks on the way. All of them bring sophistication and uniqueness by being extremely carefully polished.

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The canals and bridges dating back to the 13th century are considered the most beautiful and romantic symbols in Amsterdam that any visitor who has once come here will be cut down at first sight. In Amsterdam, there are gondolas, the two distinctive curved bows of Venice. In the cold weather of temperate Europe, it is wonderful to sit on a boat from the water, watching the ancient houses close together and the bridges so low that you can touch your head. Thousands of old houses with lovely red and brown brick colors add to the picture of the beautiful landscape on both sides of the canal.

Sit quietly and listen to the sound of the water under the oars moving with each gentle beat, feel the peaceful space and the tiled streets smelling of flowers, see the tall towers silhouetted against the distant sky or the ancient bridge. There is strange architecture reflected on the canal, increasing the admiration and envy of the people here because the scenery is different from the fairyland. Visitors can fully admire this magical city from the water. The bright red afternoon sun combined with the paint colors of the old buildings of the same color reflected on the quiet canals creates a beautiful iconic scene of Amsterdam.

Dam Square - Visit the beating heart of Amsterdam -

After the romantic canals, you can’t miss the next place when coming to Amsterdam: Dam Square – the most famous square here and where the Royal Palace and Nieuwe Kerk Church are located. Surrounded by the Royal Palace, the national monument, Dam Square is home to the great historical architecture of the old city of Amsterdam and is the convergence of most of the city’s major events. Amsterdam Street.

Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to explore and admire the 17th-century castles or stroll under the largest medieval wooden domes in Europe, mingle with the vibrant atmosphere of the street artists. Every minute creates a wonderful experience for visitors.

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And when night falls, Amsterdam returns to its full of romance; the lights cover the whole space, the entire city becomes brilliant and magnificent amidst the inherent darkness of nature. Wandering in the middle of the town, immersed in the shimmering golden lights, where it is filled with soft melodious music. Let yourself sip a warm cup of coffee from a small corner of the road, watch the flow of people slowly pass by. The scenery is full ravishingly beautiful that anyone can’t deny the charm it brings. The city of Amsterdam is one of the most charming destinations in the world that must be saved in your travel notebook.

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