With world class produce and some of the best chefs in the world, the food scene in New Zealand is beyond exciting. But where to begin with choosing what to eat in the city? Whether you’re traveling around NZ or living there, you’ll be consistently impressed by the choice of cuisines.

Fear not we’ve come up with the ultimate New Zealand foodie bucket list that you can work your way through drooling every step of the way.

Food doesn’t really get much better than this in fairness…

1. Steak – Jervois Steak House & Saloon, Queenstown

Steak in New Zealand

Nothing beats a good steak for a special night out and this huge beast is about as perfect a dish as you’ll find in New Zealand. It’s cooked with the bone in to retain flavour and is served table-side.

2. Fresh Mussels – The Mussel Pot, Havelock

Fresh Mussels in New Zealand

Setting up an entire restaurant dedicated to mussels is a bold move, but they have seriously nailed it here – these big, plump mussels are just to die for.

3. Ice Cream – Giapo, Auckland

Gelato in New Zealand

Nothing beats some really good gelato for a treat. While they stock lots of flavours and are bursting full of originality it is the simply chocolate that steals the show.

4. Charcuterie And Cheese – The Hunting Lodge Winery, Waimauku

Charcuterie And Cheese in NZ

There can be no better feeling than being in a beautiful winery drinking a chilled glass of white, looking out at the grapes and eating a plate of food as diverse and tasty as this. Pure heaven.

5. Slow Roast Lamb And Potatoes – Pedro’s House of Lamb, Christchurch

Slow Roast Lamb And Potatoes in NZ

The first thing that many people think of when talking about New Zealand food is the world-class lamb. Although it’s served in most restaurants, this slow cooked dish is perfectly simply and just oozes flavour.

6. Sunday Roast – Pub on Wharf, Queenstown

Sunday Roast in NZ

A proper pub setting with a key focus on high quality ingredients, simple but precise cooking and great service. A roast dinner that has it all. Just LOOK at that pastry…

7. The 12 Course Tasting Menu – Roots Restaurant, Lyttelton

Roots Restaurant in NZ

Roots Restaurant is home to some of the very best cooking in the entire country. Their menus change with the seasons and sitting here for a meal is like watching art or live theatre. Masterful cooking.

8. Pizza – Farina, Auckland

Farina Pizza in NZ

Farina does classic pizza and is probably the best pie in the whole country. You don’t need to go overboard with the toppings as they do the simple things so well; this is just a delight.

9. Burgers – Corner Burger Mt Eden – Auckland

2nd best burger in all of New Zealand

We recently listed them as the 2nd best burger in all of New Zealand so believe us when we say you’ll want to get your mouth around these bad boy burgers. Forget about the diet. Nothing can tempt you away from this.

10. Afternoon Tea – Cordis Hotel, Auckland

Afternoon Tea in NZ

One for those who want to treat somebody special and take them out for a magical and truly unique experience. Throw in a glass of champagne to top it off and you’ll be in dream land.

11. Beef Wellington – Ostro Brasserie & Bar, Auckland

Beef Wellington in NZ

What could possibly be better than perfectly medium rare fillet of beef served in pastry with mushrooms and onions? We’ll tell you – literally nothing. Nobody does it better than Ostro.

12. Eggs Benedict – Charley Noble, Wellington

Eggs Benny in NZ

Eggs Benny is such a staple on brunch menus all over the world, but the beauty here is they serve it all during the week for breakfast. If every single day started with this dish life would be perfect.

13. Frying Pan Brownie – Cibo, Auckland

Frying Pan Brownie

You probably think you’ve had good brownies but you haven’t even come close to the best ever until you taste this masterpiece. Served hot in your own little frying pan, this is melt-in-the-mouth stuff.

14. Proper Roast Chicken – Bird On Wire, Auckland

Roasted chicken in New Zealand

They focus on slow roasted chicken which is always absolutely delectable, but it’s the sides like really food salads and fresh sauces that make this a complete experience.

15. Oyster Blo.ody Mary Shot – Urban Oyster Bar & Eatery, Nelson

Oyster Bloody Mary Shot

Combining two of life’s great pleasures into one almost orgasmic experience. This is the perfect way to start off a Saturday or Sunday lunch and see where the day takes you…

16. The Lobster – Captain’s Restaurant, Queenstown

The Lobster in New Zealand

While Captain’s Restaurant specialises in a variety of great seafood, it’s the lobster that is the king of the show here. Order it to share, cooked in a number of of different ways and suck up that deliciously sweet, tender meat.

17. Fried Chicken Wings – ARCADE social club and eatery, Auckland

Fried Chicken Wings in NZ

These mega crunchy fried wings are one for the cheat day. Treat yourself with something that is so tasty you’ll be thinking about it for the rest of the week. The sauces are the droolworthy clincher.

18. The Waffles – Miann, Auckland

The Waffles in NZ

A wonderful little bakery that serves up all sorts of delectable home made treats; the waffles served with fresh fruits, ice cream and chocolate sauce are from another planet.

19. Seafood Platter – FINZ Seafood & Grill, Queenstown

Seafood Platter in NZ

In a country where seafood plays such an important part of the diet, this dish is like a celebration of everything that is good about NZ. Throw in a cold bottle of white and you have a match made in heaven.

20. The Tacos – Little Mexico, Auckland

The Tacos in NZ

If like us, you like nothing more than picking up a small little parcel of Mexican food and gobbling down those rich complex flavours then this is the spot for you. Their sauces round off the whole experience.

21. Mince On Toast – Geeks On Sainsbury, Auckland

New Zealand food

The debate around where to find the best mince on toast in New Zealand could go on for decades. Stick to this spot thought, and you won’t go far wrong. The portions are generous but you’ll be wanting to lick the plates.

By: bigseventravel.com

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