hippo practise synchronised swimming
Those using the phrase ‘as graceful as a hippo’ has clearly never come across this particular member of the species.

This hippopotamus was seen enjoying what closely resembled an unintentional one-man synchronised swimming performance.

Using a combination of splashing, turning and stretching one leg out of the water it appeared to have mastered the art of water dancing.

Water dancer: The hippo appeared to be turning its hooves to the beautiful art of synchronised swimming
On pointe: The hippo lifts its leg into the air like a synchronised swimmer, just with a little more splash than usual
Ready for the applause: After it finished the water ballet, the hippo looked very please with itself

Ms Gibson, 71, said: ‘I was watching the birds fishing near the hippo when it suddenly dipped its face into the water and started splashing and shaking about.

‘It then went deeper into the dam and rolled onto its back – it was just having some fun or even performing some kind of ritual.

‘The splashing and rolling around lasted no longer than ten minutes, but I have not witnessed a performance like this before!’

True diva: At first, it looked like the hippy was just enjoying a rest in the watering hole in Kruger National Park, South Africa
hippo practise synchronised swimming
Splash and dash: But soon it was moving its huge body around, as if it was dancing in the water
hippo practise synchronised swimming
Stretch all the way: Another leg lift may have appeared elegant had it not been for the huge splashing
Fun show: Photographer Maureen Gibson captured the moment while visiting Kruger National Park

Source: dailymail

By Michael